Keyboard shortcuts in a swf - Don't use Ctrl.

If your flash movie is fairly complex, or needs to be keyboard accesible, you may want to implement some keyboard shortcuts to simplify things for your user. Using a combination of the "Ctrl" key (or Cmd, if you're mac-inclined) and a letter key might seem like a natural choice. However, there are a couple reasons why this is bad:

1. Flash doesn't take keyboard priority in all browsers.
In Windows (XP), Chrome, Opera, and FireFox allow Flash Player to intercept the keyboard input, so if you make a "Ctrl+t" shorcut in your movie, pressing that key combination won't open a new tab anymore (as long as the flash movie has focus) - it'll do whatever your flash movie says "Ctrl+t" should do. More

Using Console in OS X to view traces from flash

For awhile now I've been using Firefox 3 as my main browser. However, I went to some lengths to keep Firefox 2 hanging around so I could continue to use a simple plugin called FlashTracer, which I'm pretty sure still hasn't been updated for FF3. FlashTracer coupled with the debug version of Flash Player allows you to see the output coming from the "trace()" command. So, today I got fed up with this system and looked for another way to view my traces. More